Our Customized Products

All of our products are custom made for you. We pride ourselves on the high quality professional photography we capture.  Please know that unlike some other photography companies we DO NOT offer small standard prints such as 4x6s or 5x7s. We understand that our service is not for everyone, but we will work hard to capture moments and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Prices vary by event and not all products available at each event.

3 Shot Collage ($65 - $85)

3 Shot Collage (8" x 10")

CD w/ Your Athlete's Photos ($125 - $145)

CD of all of your athlete's Action Photos

1 Shot Poster ($75 - $95)

2-4 Shot Poster ($85 - $105)

5-7 Shot Poster ($95 - $125)

5-7 Shot Poster (13" x 19")

You'll be able to view your athlete's photos, choose your favorites of your athlete, and purchase at your event.  

All products are ordered and printed ON-SITE.

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