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Glossy Finish by Lifetouch is excited to photograph your upcoming event! In order for us to give you the best photos possible, we only photograph athletes who sign up with us. We do NOT take random photos. This gives us a better opportunity to capture more moments of registered athletes so you have a greater selection to pick from.

To register your athlete for action photos, simply fill out the form below and submit a payment. Depending upon the event, your payment may be a credit towards your purchase or serve as a sitting fee. Once we receive your order, we will schedule one of our professional photographers to focus on your player. That way, you can relax and enjoy knowing we are capturing moments and creating memories for you!

Please be sure to tell the other athletes and families that if they want action photos, they must also sign up.

CLICK HERE to see a listing of products we offer on-site.

NOTE: Your deposit is only valid as a credit onsite at the event. It is not valid after the event concludes or for any online purchase. Make sure you stop by our Photo Store to view and purchase your action photos before you leave the event.

Learn More About Our On-Site Printing

Do you photograph my athlete for every game? We give each player ONE full game of coverage. Because we have so many sign-ups, we need to focus on new players who don't have any photos yet.

Your photographer only focuses on my athlete, right? Each photographer is usually assigned several athletes to photograph per game. We ask that you find and save your athlete's photos on-board our Mobile Photo Lab. Our staff ensures that the photo-saving process is quick and convenient.

If I don't feel like searching through the photos, can I get my deposit back? The deposit represents the customer's desire for our photos and our photographers work very hard to deliver great images. We simply ask that you set aside time to view and save photos. The deposit is non-refundable for those who refuse to look through them.

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